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Though things may look different this year for Youth & Government, it will not stop us from discussing new ideas, meeting new friends, and providing a platform for your voice to be heard. Our program is available to all students throughout the state of California, and during the course of this year’s statewide program 9th-12th grade delegates will have the chance to participate in different program tracks during three main sessions: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Within these tracks, you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm new solutions to existing problems, debate legislation, create and analyze a new school, local or state budget - and even argue before the California Supreme Court. Whether you are a returning delegate - or if this is your first time in Y&G - we have the program for you! 

Within this new virtual format, we’ve made sure to preserve all the elements that make our Y&G programs special. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with delegates from all over the state as well as the chance to apply and run for leadership positions during each of the three sessions. This includes the election of your 74th Chief Justice and Youth Governor!



FALL SESSION - Activating Your Political Voice

Program Dates: October 26th - December 3rd
Conference Dates: December 3rd - 5th

In the Fall, we’ll start the year off by discussing some of the most pressing issues we face as a nation. Within small groups made up of delegates from California and beyond, you will work together to identify new and innovative solutions to some of our country’s oldest problems. In a fast pace and accelerated conference, you’ll compete for funding, taking the first step in creating real change in society.


- 74th Youth Governor Primary
- You can find a list of requirements for each of the elected and appointed positions that will take place during the fall session HERE.
- For all election rules and regulations: 73rd Model Legislature & Court - Elections Rules & Regulations


 Congressman Adam Schiff

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Congressman Adam Schiff



WINTER SESSION - Bringing It Back To The State

Program Dates: January 11th - February 11th
Conference Dates: February 11th - 13th

During the Winter session, it’s back to what California YMCA Youth & Government is known for, a state focus. Have an idea on how to make California a better place to call home? Want to head into the courtroom to try out your legal chops? Maybe you'd like to figure out how to effectively balance our state’s budget. No matter what your interests are, we have a program track that will give you the chance to research and tackle the various problems facing your community and our state.


- Speaker of the Assembly
- Lt. Governor
- 74th Youth Governor (Run-Off)*
- 74th Chief Justice (Primary)**



SPRING SESSION - All Politics Are Local

Program Dates: February 22nd - March 25th
Conference Dates: March 25th - 27th

During the Spring session, we'll be bringing Y&G to your neighborhood. We’ll offer programs that will help you understand how local leaders and the state work together to provide everyone in California with the basics we need. Over the five weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to really look at your hometown and gain the skills/experience you need to go out and create positive change in your school, community and city.


- Final Election: 74th Youth Governor* & 74th Chief Justice**


*To be eligible to run for Youth Governor you must sign up to participate in all three sessions  (Fall, Winter & Spring)
**To be eligible to run for Chief Justice you must sign up for the Winter and Spring Sessions  


We recognize that we are in challenging times. In order to help ensure every interested delegate will have the opportunity to participate we have discounted the single session program price by $100.00. You can save even more per session if you sign up for all three sessions today!

73rd Model Legislature & Court - Full Year Program Price
Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions (15 Weeks Total):  $375.00
($750 Value)

73rd Model Legislature & Court - Single Session Program Price
Fall, Winter or Spring Sessions  (Individual 5-Week Session):  $150.00
($250 Value)


For detailed information on the Model Legislature & Court programs for 2020-2021, click here. For a Spanish version, click here.


California YMCA Youth & Government is proud to be able to offer individual scholarships through this scholarship application. For additional scholarship information, please contact Mari@calymca.org. Scholarship information provided to California YMCA Youth & Government will remain confidential.









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