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20th Model United Nations

Program Dates: April 12 - May 14, 2021
Summit Virtual 3-Day Conference: May 12-14, 2021, 4:00pm to 6:00pm daily
Weekly Meetings: Tuesday to 4:00pm to 5:30pm
*Pre-MUN Week 0: GAME NIGHT! Tuesday, April 6th, 4:00pm to 5:00pm
It's all games tonight as we gear up for Week 1!

During our five-week Model United Nations program, students in 6th-8th grade will come together with peers from across California to discuss international issues, discover other cultures, develop life-enhancing skills, and make new friends. These students will become “delegates” and will be assigned to one of four program areas, each focusing on improving the international community. Sixth graders will serve as members of the United Nations Security Council where they’ll be tasked with maintaining world peace. Seventh grade delegates will be joining the Forum on Non Governmental Organizations where they’ll be tasked with creating innovative nonprofits that will address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Eighth grade delegates will participate in either the General Assembly of the Economic and Social Council where they will take on the role of an assigned country, create their own resolution and debate with their peers.

Outside of their selected program area, delegates will also have the opportunity to apply for appointed leadership, connect with their peers during statewide social and cultural events, and join discussions featuring exciting guest speakers from around the globe!

As we move into our second year in a virtual format, we will emphasize the importance of collaboration to keep our delegate engagement high. Delegates will be working and interacting in small groups to allow them to form strong connections, lead engaging conversations and lay the foundation for real virtual friendships.

20th Model United Nations Leadership Opportunities:

The Model United Nations program will have a number of leadership opportunities for delegates!

 - Secretary General
 - Security Council President
 - General Assembly Committee Chair 
 - Non Government Organization Director
 - Economic and Social Council Committee Chair 

Security Council Program 

Sixth grade delegates will join the Security Council. Within the program, they will take on the role of one of the 15 members of the Security Council where they will learn about major issues facing the international community and debate ways to maintain world peace.

Delegates can look forward to learning more about:

  • How the United Nations diplomatic organizations work
  • Ways that nations are involved in making changes from the top down
  • How to prepare for and give persuasive speeches
  • Basic skills in how to write different types of legislation

Forum on Non Governmental Organizations Program

Seventh grade delegates in the Forum on Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will work in small groups to build their own nonprofits. These nonprofits will creatively address some of the world's most pressing problems. When delegates within this program track attend the final conference they’ll compete with each other for funding and a signature from the UN Secretary General.

Delegates can look forward to learning more about:

  • How public and private partnerships are administered by the United Nations
  • How nonprofits work with governments and international coalitions to improve people's lives
  • How to prepare for and give an impactful presentation 

General Assembly & Economic and Social Council Program 

Eighth grade delegates in the General Assembly and Economic and Social Council will work in groups to address specific issues facing the international community. Topics will range from things such as humanitarian issues to peaceful use of space. Delegates will work in small groups and will also have the opportunity to debate and speak in front of a larger group.

Delegates can look forward to learning more about:

  • How to read and understand legal documents
  • Developing and using oral advocacy skills
  • What legal reasoning, judicial temperament, and opinion writing means in a judicial setting

For Teachers & School Counselors:

Please feel free to downlownd our 20th Model United Nations Progam Guide to share with your students. We are also offering a FREE Model United Nations Guided Lesson for teachers! Lessons will be individually tailored for your class and could include:

- United Nations Simulation Activity
- Speech & Debate Games
- Conflict & Compromise Development
- International Games
- Character & Leadership Building Activities.

For more information on how to schedule a session for your class: Model United Nations - FREE Guided Sessions.


Model United Nations Program Pricing:

Model United Nations (Five-Week Session) Fee: $200.00
($350 Value)

California YMCA Youth & Government is proud to be able to offer individual scholarships through this scholarship application. For additional scholarship information, please contact Scholarship information provided to California YMCA Youth & Government will remain confidential.


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