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California YMCA Youth & Government's newly developed AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program will teach you effective ways to use media to uplift the work and stories of your fellow peers as well as further conversations around issues affecting your communities today. Within the AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program, 8th-12th grade participants will meet and cultivate friendships with fellow delegates from across the state as they work together to report on current events and highlight the work youth are doing within and outside of Y&G.

With an ever-changing world and media landscape, Y&G wants to provide a space for youth to evaluate their media presence and develop ways to expand their voices among various mediums like blogs/websites, social media, podcasts, and print media. To prepare for this role, you will participate in presentations and trainings that will help you develop skills centered around topics such as media literacy, technology, cross-cultural understanding, active listening, and critical thinking.

By amplifying the youth voice and promoting dialogue between generations, you are able to practice citizenry and leadership in hopes of creating positive change within your communities.


AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program


WINTER SESSION | January 5th - February 16th
SPRING SESSION | February 17th - March 31st

We recognize that we are in challenging times. In order to help ensure every interested delegate will have the opportunity to participate we have discounted the single session program price by $150.00. You can save even more per session by signing up for all three sessions today.

AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program - Two Session Program Price
Winter & Spring Sessions  (Two 6-Week Sessions):  $275.00 (save $25)

AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program - Single Session Program Price
Winter or Spring Session  (Individual 6-Week Session):  $150.00

To participate in this year’s AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program, you must currently be an 8-12th grader and first submit an application. Click here for the application. Space is limited and application responses will be evaluated to determine acceptance into the program. Once you have submitted your application and have been approved, you will have to officially register for the program as well as submit your program fee.

California YMCA Youth & Government is proud to be able to offer individual scholarships through this scholarship application. For additional scholarship information, please contact All scholarship information provided to California YMCA Youth & Government will remain confidential.

Leadership Process

If you are interested in running for a leadership position, you must submit your initial program application first and be approved before submitting your leadership application. The deadline to apply for a leadership position is Friday, October 9th. The leadership positions available for the AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program are Media Editors. They are responsible for overseeing all the content produced on the various media platforms during their session. They will also work with Media Staff and Media Interns to make sure we are on track with our posts and publications. The leadership app and more details will come out soon! 

Application Process

To be a part of this year’s AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program, you must submit an application first, click here to access the form. Spots are limited. There is no interview process to be a part of this program. You will be selected by your program application only. Be sure to answer all questions completely. Unanswered questions may result in not being chosen. You should also regularly check your email. Once you have submitted your application and have been approved, you will have to officially register for the program as well as submit your program fee. Please note, it is only AFTER you have been approved for the program can you apply for leadership positions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. If I want to participate in more than one session, do I have to reapply each session?
    • If you plan to participate in the AMPLIFY! Youth Media Program for the entire year, and are accepted for one session - you are accepted for all program sessions.
  2. If I want to apply for Winter or Spring Session, do I need to apply through the Fall program application?
    • No. If you plan to only participate in the Winter or Spring session, please wait for those respective applications to be released. More information and details will come out later this year.

Program Timeline


The program year will be broken down into three sessions (Fall, Winter, & Spring). You may sign up for all three sessions or just one. (Please note that there is a week break for Thanksgiving as well as a two-week break for Winter Holiday)

FALL SESSION (6 weeks long)

Session Starts: Tuesday - October 20, 2020 (Orientation Week)
Session Ends: Tuesday - December 8, 2020

WINTER SESSION: (6 weeks long)

Session Starts: Tuesday - January 5, 2021 (Orientation Week)
Session Ends: Tuesday - February 16, 2021 

SPRING SESSION: (6 weeks long)

SESSION STARTS: Wednesday - February 17, 2021 (Orientation Week)
SESSION ENDS: Wednesday - March 31, 2021



  • This program is open to any 8th-12th grader who is interested.

  • Particpiants must commit to 3-6 hours per week for the entire length of the program session for which they register.

  • Attendance is mandatory during all required Y&G webinars, Zoom meetings, and virtual Model Legislature & Court conferences. If any dates conflict with any prior engagements, please reach out to your Media Staff as soon as possible. To see the dates of the virtual Model Legislature & Court conferences, please visit the Model Legislature & Court page.

  • Access to the internet and a computer or laptop is needed. A device with a camera is highly encouraged. If you have any issues acquiring these devices, please contact

  • You must submit an application to be considered for the program. To fill out the application, please click here. The deadline to submit is Friday, September 25th. 

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