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 Yale Coopersmith UNITY website copy

Yale Coopersmith

My name is Yale Coopersmith; I am running for Youth Governor. Voter disenfranchisement among young people, minorities, and low income people is one of the most pressing issues facing California today. Making every single person’s voice heard should be a tenet of our state government’s purpose. However, this issue is not treated that way. Our current system of voting is archaic, confusing, and slow. This is especially true in our state’s vote by mail system. Many young and first time voters are confused on how to vote by mail. Low income and minority voters often suffer from a lack of access to support and how to cast their ballots. Reaching out and creating a bridge between these individuals and their local governments can help enable their voices to be heard. Programs run through local governments could teach people how to fill out and cast a ballot and help remedy these problems. Online ballot tracking systems, such as WheresMyBallot, could be expanded and help make sure people’s ballots are being properly delivered. Technology needs to be implemented on all levels. Fixing the voting system will ensure people’s voices are heard. How can we make real change if our voices aren’t heard? 

Yale Coopersmith Campaign Video 


Candidate 3 

Summer Drake

Hello my name is Summer Drake, and I am running to be your 74th California Youth Governor. I’m running on a platform to end economic homelessness, a heartbreaking issue spreading throughout California with no end in sight. As a vexing problem with many causes, my main goal as Youth Governor is to work with each and every delegate to come up with effective solutions that will wipe out economic homelessness in our state, the richest in the nation, for good. Although polls show that most Californians believe homelessness to be caused by substance abuse or mental illness, the two main causes are economic - loss of housing and unemployment - that we together can solve with a blend of innovative thinking, political courage, and a commitment to help all Californians. Cutting across gender, economic, and racial divides, economic homelessness is an urgent crisis that sadly impacts all corners of our golden state. With your help, as your next Youth Governor, we can help California by helping each other.

Summer Drake Campaign Video 


Hayden Eick Crescenta Canada website

Hayden Eick

I believe education to be the most effective solution we have to address the problems facing California today. If elected Youth Governor, my primary objective would be to expand access to education for everyone, regardless of economic background. That means providing more opportunities to attend college and greater assistance to those struggling financially to pay for school. Specifically, as Youth Governor, I  plan to lobby our state legislature to prioritize increased funding for scholarships and grants in the upcoming state budget so young adults, like you and I, aren’t burdened with crushing student debt. Additionally, I intend to pressure our state legislature to expand access to preschool for children which has been shown to dramatically increase a child’s chances for success in higher education. Look, this is an incredibly important time in American history, and we must unite as an educated electorate fortified against the conspiracy theories and misinformation rampant on social media. No longer shall we live in the darkness of ignorance. There is a light at the end of the tunnel my friends, and that light is education. My name is Hayden Eick, and I’m running for your 74th Youth Governor. Stay safe. Stay informed.

Hayden Eick Campaign Video


Nils Henrik Fuertes CDM website 

Nils-Henrik Fuertes

Civil discourse. Welcoming each other’s differences. Effecting positive change. These are three phrases that define the Youth & Government experience we all share. Unfortunately, these very aspects have never been more at risk than they are in our present-day society. We have let political pundits and politicized media outlets determine how we view our lives, and rhetoric has divided us to the point where those of us with opposing beliefs can no longer agree upon a set of indisputable facts. Ideology and political factionalism have confined our government to a ceaseless partisan tug-of-war, diluting productive debate and undermining the fundamental tenets of our nation’s democratic system. I believe Youth & Government should not have to endure this same fate since we, as the future leaders of this nation, can lead by example by choosing solidarity over division and appreciation over hatred. My platform is grounded in the principle that we can use this year in Youth & Government to break down the walls we have built between us. Let us prove that even though a global pandemic may have separated us physically, we are still unified by our passion to make California a better place for all its citizens.

Nils-Henrik Fuertes Campaign Video


Kilian Kelley EPIC Mission Viejo website

Kilian Kelley

As so many residents of California know, homelessness runs rampant in our major cities streets. This is mostly due to the 1967 act passed by then governor Ronald Regan, the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act that put mentally ill people on the streets of california instead of in mental institutions. Many issues such as the housing price and inaccessible contraceptives (birth control) have led to the homeless population increasing. However, this crisis cannot be solved by fixing the housing market or making contraceptives widely available alone. California needs to provide medical attention to mentally ill homeless people instead of throwing them in federal prisons for petty crimes then throwing them back on the street. California will need to reverse the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act and focus on mental health rehabilitation. As your 74th youth governor I plan to change one of California’s most infamous problems.  

Kilian Kelley Campaign Video 


Julian Knott NHHS  

Juian Knott

 I’m Julian Knott from the NHHS delegation and I am running to be your 74th youth governor. I know that we are currently in a pandemic, but there is a pandemic that we can't just sit and wait for a vaccine. This pandemic is homelessness and deserves our immediate attention. Throughout my life I have noticed the rise in the homeless population. We need to act on this now.  We could fix this by creating a program that provides free housing, comprehensive job training, and social services to get homeless people back on their feet within one year. This program would first focus on the homeless that want to get off the streets. It would help the ones who do not want to get off the streets, like some drug abusers, by creating rehabilitation centers strictly for the homeless population. We could get money for this by fundraising and taking a percentage of the tax dollars and put it to this program. This plan gets the homeless off the streets and drops crime rates in our local communities. As your 74th Youth Governor I believe in treating everyone as a valuable member of our community and it starts with homelessness.

Julian Knott Campaign Video 


Natalie Vasquez Desert Family YMCA

Natalie Vasquez

Fellow delegates - We have learned from an early age that the world is rapidly changing, and not for the better. Look at the devastating destruction climate change has had on our beautiful home. 4,149,345 acres, the equivalent of about 8,299 Disneylands, have burned this year. (Which has caused property and emotional damage, as well as the loss of lives). Solutions to impede the growth of global warming were important before, but they are now crucial in determining the future of California. And yes, we all need to do our part, but it’s the big companies that must listen. As Youth Governor, I will ensure this issue is given the utmost attention. Many delegates have stated that Youth & Government helped them find their voice, and I couldn’t agree more. Our voices will transform the world for the better. As the saying goes, “Be the change you wish to see”, and we have already begun. If you want success, vote for Vasquez. Thank you!

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