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Code of Conduct 

Code of Conduct (Spanish Version)

2019 CEO Youth & Government Letter 

2019-2020 Program Dates & Fees

72nd Model Legislature & Court Delegation Calendar

72nd MLC Dress Code (English)

72nd MLC Dress Code (Spanish)

Excused Absence Letter

Invoices and Payments

Policy for Delegations

Policy for Expelling a Participant

Marketing & Promotional Materials

2018-2019 Y&G Marketing Piece

This piece is a four page booklet that is filled with information about Y&G’s various programs. It also has room on the last page for delegation’s to put their contact information.



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Delegation Advisor Forms and Resources

Advisor Verification Form

Audio/Video Release

Authorization Form

Authorization Form (Spanish)

Authorization Form Checklist & Guidelines (updated 9.12.19)

Advisor Share Center

Delegation of Distinction Application

Delegation of Distinction Matrix

Delegation of Distinction Highlights (with two simpler versions)

Delegation of Distinction Positive Nominations Form

Delegation Meeting Experience

Delegation Participation Agreement

Intent to Participate Form (Airtable)

72nd MLC Delegation Role Distribution Formula

MLC Sac Family Friendly/Large Group Restaurants 

Y&G Glossary Terms

Delegation Grant Application & Submittal Form for 72nd Training & Elections II/Model Legislature & Court Sacramento

72nd Training & Elections II/Model Legislature & Court Sacramento Individual Scholarship Application

Excused Absence Letter (Updated 01/22/20)

2019 MLC Advisor Manual


Bill Development

Blue Bill Book (Available 1/6/20)

Gold Bill Book (Available 1/6/20)

Red Bill Book (Available 1/6/20)

Silver Bill Book (Available 1/6/20)

Bill Development Process

Bill Night Process

Bill Night Press Release Template

Bill Template

Drafting Your Delegation's Bill(s)

Bill Supplemental Packet and Checklist

Bill Webinar #1

Bill Webinar #2

Bill Writing in 10 Easy Steps

Common Bill Mistakes

Sample Bill

Sample Concurrent Resolution

Sample Constitutional Amendment

Sample Joint Resolution

Leadership & Elections

Combined Matrixes (updated 11/13)

Elected Leadership Matrix

Elected Leadership Information

Financial Disclosure Form

Appointed Leadership Matrix (updated 11/13)

Appointed Leadership Information (updated 11/13)

72nd MLC Election Rules

73rd Chief Justice Information Sheet 

73rd Youth Governor Information Sheet



Program Area Resources

  • Appellate Court
  • Bench Trial
  • Board of Education
  • California Emergency Team
  • California Environmental Protection Agency
  • California Investment Bank
  • Chaplains
  • Constitutional Convention
  • Department of Finance
  • Forum
  • International Affairs Commission
  • Issues & Activism
  • Jury Trial
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Legislative Houses (Assembly/Senate)
  • Lobbyist
  • Media
  • National Issues Commission
  • Office of the Secretary of State
  • Office of the Youth Governor
  • Supreme Court
reggo resources
  • Accessing Leadership Applications in Reggo
  • How to Approve Registrations 
  • How to Register for Conferences
  • Marking Someone Absent in Reggo

Advisor Volunteer Trainings

Advisor & Volunteer Training Conference Schedule

Facilitation Skills 101

Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Youth & Government

Bridge to Inclusion - Engaging Youth with Disabilities Part 1

Bridge to Inclusion - Engaging Youth with Disabilities Part 2

Putting Inclusion Frameworks into Practice

Conflict Resolution

Bully Overview

Cyberbullying Training

Behavior Management

Public Speaking

Training & Elections Conference I

Advisor Duties

Advisor Handout

Conference Guide

Conference Schedule

Hotel Check-Out Form

Joint Session Seating Chart

72nd T&E I Lost & Found

Please go to the Risk Management Portal for the following:

Boundary Map

Bus Schedule

Conference Schedule Changes

Delegation Meeting Space Assignments

Hotel Address Information


Training & Elections Conference II

Conference Delegation Check-In Process 

Conference Guide

Conference Schedule

Joint Session Seating Chart

Please to go the Risk Management Portal for the following:

Advisor Duties

Advisor Handout

Delegation Meeting Space Assignments

Hotel Check Out Form 


Model Legislature & Court Conference

Lost and Found Form

Advisor Duties

72nd MLC VIP Day

72nd Commemorative Book 

Conference Guide 

Joint Session Seating

NJC Interview Schedule

MLC Conference Manual

Forum Resources (Bottom of Forum Page)

Appellate Court Resources (Bottom of Appellate Court Page)

Bench Trial Resources (Bottom of Bench Trial Page)

Department of Finance Resources (Bottom of Department of Finance Page)

Jury Trial Resources (Bottom of Jurry Trial Page)

Legislative Analyst Resources (Bottom of Legislative Analyst)

Policy For Capitol Facilities Use

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MLC Sac Family Friendly/Large Group Restaurants


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