California YMCA Youth & Government could not offer our programs without the time and talent generously donated by our volunteers. Volunteers develop new skills, meet new friends, gain community service hours, empower youth to be civically engaged, secure job references, explore career possibilities and gain the personal satisfaction of making a difference in our youth and community!

California YMCA Youth & Government has a variety of volunteer opportunities that include both on-going and short term positions. Short-term options include coming for specific conferences, helping with program areas, being a speaker/panelist, and other one-day activities. On-going opportunities offer the chance to work more in-depth with our youth like facilitating curriculum and/or training during conference sessions, leading group activities, and so forth. Volunteering as a group is also available as an option! The California YMCA Youth & Government Volunteer Program encompasses opportunities in a wide variety of areas which include but not limited too: 

  • Program Staff Volunteers
  • Delegation Advisors
  • One Day/Local Volunteers
  • MLC Interns

Volunteers may facilitate programming, lead sessions, oversee groups of students, participate in panels, speak at sessions, and much more. To be a volunteer, you must be at least 21 years of age (unless you are seeking to be apart of the MLC Intern Program which you must be a high school graduate and/or 18-21 years of age). If you would like to volunteer for the Model Legislature & Court and/or the Model United Nations program, see below for more details. To get involved and/or learn more about these opportunities, please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form


Throughout our programs, students participate in a simulation where they are able to join a “program area,” which reflects the structure of the state government or the United Nations as well as various political offices/roles. Under the direction of their lead Program Staff Volunteer and Core Staff, Program Staff Volunteers facilitate programming that teaches our delegates about state and international issues. Furthermore, they train delegates on the importance of civic engagement while empowering them to make a change in their local communities. Program Staff Volunteers also include support staff who help with production, IT services, logistics, first aid, and more. Some program areas are also looking for individuals interested in learning to be the Lead Program Staff. To see which program areas are still looking for volunteers, click here for the 72nd MLC Volunteer Opportunities / click here for the 19th MUN Opportunities!  


Our delegations are always in need of passionate, talented volunteer Advisors. The role of the Advisor is equal parts mentor, teacher, and confidant. Advisors play a critical role in the California YMCA Youth & Government. The key roles of an Advisor include attending regular delegation meetings, mentoring delegates as they prepare for the conference, and supervising at all conferences. Our Advisors develop close bonds with many of our delegates and see just how much  Y&G impacts them firsthand. To get more information and involved as a Y&G Advisor, please contact your local YMCA for details. To find your delegation, click here!


One-day volunteers are individuals (and/or teams) who, occasionally, possess specific skills in leadership training or any government-related field that come to conferences during the day to help assist program areas in training and teaching delegates. One-day volunteers are vital for our programs because they provide our delegates with a higher quality education and strong support that elevate the experience for them. One-day volunteers are not required to spend the night at our conferences and thus, a great volunteer option for those who want to help but cannot commit to an entire weekend. Currently, we are looking for local and day volunteers to help with our Bench Trial and Legislative House. For more information on these positions, please click here!


The Intern program is a leadership development program designed for college students between the ages of 18-21. Interns must attend all MLC conferences as well as their own leadership conference in the fall. First-year Interns start off advising and working closely with high school freshmen delegates. Returning second and third-year Interns will be placed in assistance roles either in program areas or as supervisors to first-year Interns. Being an Intern is an excellent way to stay involved in the program after high school and provides opportunities to gain valuable experience and expand your resume and professional development. To learn more about this program, please visit the MLC Intern Resource page or email interns@calymca.org for more details.

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Volunteer Support Specialist 
Danielle Soba
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Disclaimer: Please understand that the safety of our children is our primary concern and it is our duty to require a screening process for potential volunteers. We cannot guarantee a volunteer placement to any individual and we reserve the right to deny or revoke volunteer placements at any time, for any reason.

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