Tulare County YMCA | Delegation Anchorman | Staff Advisor |
Sales Manager at ABC30 Action News


greg whiteFinding His Way: In 1980, after an upperclassman recommended that Greg join Youth & Government, he found himself part of a classic high school trope: individuals from separate social circles coming together in harmony. Greg recalls, “I found a passion for Y&G during our first conference. After that, I was put on the newspaper for the rest of the year”. Greg’s involvement in media grew exponentially from his newspaper days. Of his passion for media, Greg shares,

“During junior year, Bill Connor of NBC started a television program for Y&G.

In 1982 I was the first anchorman; I had previous vocal training to read ads, so I was the right guy for the job. Our reporters went to the State Capitol to follow bills and talk with the Youth Governor. My anchorman days were highlighted by my interview with Governor George Deukmejian in February of 1983.”

The Youth & Government television program aired in the Holiday Inn on channel 7 and viewers could watch the delegates’ morning and evening specials.

From Delegate to Sales Manager at ABC30 Action News: From his sophomore to senior year of high school, Greg Baker enjoyed his time in the Model Legislature & Court (MLC)’s Tulare County YMCA delegation in Porterville. He took on the role of delegation anchorman, working closely with NBC’s Bill Connor and in February of 1983, had the opportunity to interview Governor George Deukmejian. Following high school, the MLC program alum embraced college life at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he majored in Political Science and met his wife, Jami. After college, Greg embraced the role of Y&G Staff Advisor to help other youth find their voices. Now, Greg is the Sales Manager At ABC30 Action News, a Walt Disney company.

UCLA Acceptance: “Go UCLA Bruins!” Was a phrase commonly cheered in the Baker household as Greg and his father rooted for the UCLA football team since early childhood. During high school, Greg set his mind on UCLA as his school of choice, but in 1983 his application was redirected. Determined, Greg appealed the school’s decision and requested five letters of recommendation, including one from his Youth & Government advisor. In the weeks leading to UCLA’s response, classmates, fellow delegates and teachers of Monache high school waited expectantly to hear the answer. The excitement from Greg’s long-awaited UCLA acceptance was contagious. He remembers,

“The high school principal called me into his office to congratulate me. He said only 5% of students would go on to college, including junior college. Heading to UCLA was a big deal and I couldn’t have gotten there without Youth & Government because it helped prepare me for college.”

For Those Interested in Joining Y&G: From community service opportunities to growing skills in leadership, public speaking and other areas of interest, Greg recognizes Youth & Government as being influential personally and professionally. He shares, “Being in Y&G opened a whole world to me that living in Tulare county, I had never seen before.”

We sincerely thank Greg for his dedication to Youth & Government and wish him much continued success!


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