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From Delegate to Law Clerk in the White Collar Crime Division: During her final three years of high school, Brie Elmassian was part of the Crescenta Cañada Family YMCA (CCY) Delegation in California YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G)’s Model Legislature & Court (MLC) program. As a delegate, she participated as a member of the Supreme Court, serving as a Justice, then Attorney. 

Following high school, Brie went on to major in Classic Civilization at Tulane University where she enjoyed the role of President of Tulane University Classics Club for several years. Continuing her education, Brie studied law at George Washington University where she earned her JD. Adding another plaque to the wall, the dedicated scholar gained a Masters degree in National Security Law from Georgetown Law. Brie attributes Y&G with giving her a platform to develop her public speaking, a skill she uses regularly at work as a Law Clerk in the White Collar Crime division. 

Finding Her Way: Brie recalls lining up in hopes of becoming part of the CCY delegation for the first time; there were only one-hundred available spots and after hearing about Y&G from good family friends, Brie was ecstatic to join the MLC program. New to Y&G, the high school sophomore knew that the program would be a great experience and something to write about on college applications and resumes. Beyond that, her next three years as a delegate helped develop her confidence with speaking to anyone. She shares, I’m naturally introverted; Y&G helped me come out of my shell. I enjoyed weekly meetings and even went early to say hello to everyone. The program allowed me to meet other students that I might not have otherwise gotten to know.

A Look Back: Brie fondly remembers public speaking opportunities during her role as a Supreme Court Justice; but her proudest moments in the MLC program came from delegation-wide wins. She recalls, “My delegation and I were excited and proud for our peers that held appointed positions”. In her sophomore year the CCY delegation had a Lieutenant and in her junior year CCY had a Youth Governor. Alongside rooting for her fellow delegates, Brie greatly enjoyed the positive impact her delegation was able to make on the community when they hosted a Christmas Tree drive.

For Those Interested in Joining Y&G: Brie and her younger twin sisters have all been MLC delegates. Brie’s parents had encouraged her to pursue medicine or law; through the MLC program, she experienced going to the Supreme Court, sitting in the Justice’s chairs and partially through those experiences, developed a passion for law in her own right. For students who are considering joining Y&G’s programs, Brie shares, “Y&G is its own community, and gets young people interested in how our state government works”.

We sincerely thank Brie for her dedication to the MLC program and wish her much continued success!

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