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From Student Delegate to Student at Harvard: As a high school sophomore, junior and senior, Celine enjoyed her time as a delegate in the Model Legislature & Court Program (MLC). She is honored to have been elected 70th Chief Justice in her senior year. On California YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G)’s personal impact, Celine states, “the program shaped my high school experience in a way which made applying to schools like Harvard seem a lot more viable”. Heading into her second year at Harvard University, Celine embraces all that lies ahead!

More on Harvard: Much like her commitment to Y&G, Celine embraces campus-life at Harvard University as a co-director of Harvard’s Latina Empowerment and Development Conference. She is also involved with the WHRB radio station on campus as a disc jockey on the jazz department. Enjoying a variety of classes, Celine embarks on her second year of college as a double major in History & Literature, and Arts, Film & Visual Studies with a minor in Romance Languages & Literatures. In addition, she is receiving a citation in Portuguese.

Delegate Scholarships: Celine heard about Y&G through high school classmates involved in the program and remembers, “I wanted to join MLC my freshman year but because of the program’s cost, I wasn’t able. The next year, I learned about their scholarship assistance and that was how I was able to join during my sophomore year”. As a new delegate, government and politics interested Celine and she planned to cultivate those interests while in the program. Of MLC, she remarks, “You get out of it what you put in”; during her winning run for 70th Chief Justice, Celine devoted time, effort and spirit into the successful campaign.

Inspiring Diversity: Looking back, Celine recalls an impactful moment during her time as an MLC delegate:

The year I ran, voting had just closed for Chief Justice. There was no more I could do to persuade people to vote for me, so I walked in on the Delegates of Color Caucus meeting. I sat in the back and no one saw me walk in. A boy went up to the microphone with no knowledge that I was in the room, and shared how my campaign affected him. He mentioned being undocumented and that to see a Latina running for Chief Justice and talking about undocumented issues in such a public forum was truly inspiring to him. That moment, I realized that regardless of my win or loss, I had done something right in my campaign. The experience was truly rewarding.

Advice for Potential Delegates: For students interested in joining Y&G, Celine’s recommends, “Go for absolutely any opportunity that you can. The program has so much to offer. All it takes is putting in the extra effort to do it. Take advantage of everything Y&G has to offer”. Celine’s three years in the MLC program were not only beneficial to her, but to all those she inspired and encouraged through her public speaking and influence as 70th Chief Justice. 

We sincerely thank Celine for her dedication to Y&G’s MLC program and wish her much continued success as she embraces the many opportunities within Harvard University and beyond.

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