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From MLC Delegate to Y&G Board Chair: Led to California YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G)’s Model Legislature & Court (MLC) program by her growing interest in policy and politics, Lindsey Angelats enjoyed her high school years in the Southwest YMCA Delegation. The dedicated delegate served as the Speaker Pro-Tem and recalls the thrill of attending the Conference of National Affairs in 1995. Following high school graduation, the new MLC program alumna went on to study at Duke University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy. After, Lindsey earned her Masters of Science in Health Policy and Administration from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Now, Lindsey is a doctoral candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Senior Strategy Advisor at First 5 LA and has most recently been appointed as Y&G Board Chair. 

Finding Her Way: After learning about the MLC program from her former childhood babysitter who started a new delegation in San Jose, Lindsey was drawn to the program having served on Student Council and interested in politics. For the new delegate, the MLC program gave her a platform to further develop public speaking skills and work with other delegates as a team. Lindsey shares, "For me, Y&G was a place to meet new friends and challenge myself to speak in front of others".

A Look Back: Remembering her time as a delegate, Lindsey recalls times of cheering on her peers, the excitement of conferences and defining moments of personal growth. Of the latter, she recalls, “There is something powerful about having your ideas constructively criticized at a young age and improving upon them”. Losing an election was an impactful moment for Lindsey and through that event she learned that regardless of losing, to embrace the experience and keep improving upon herself.

The Impact of Volunteering: Four years ago, past Y&G Board Chair Alex Mircheff invited Lindsey to join the Board. She states, "I believe in the value of non-profit Board service and I believe in Y&G". Having been a delegate, Lindsey was able to gain further appreciation for Y&G from dual vantage points. For the MLC alumna, volunteering is an essential part of her life. Lindsey shares,

"For me, Y&G is not just a middle school or high school activity—it is a vehicle to strengthen ‘protective factors,’ to bolster the sense of civic empowerment and social connection that we all need to be healthy and strong. On a personal note, I hope my children will be future delegates and that we can contribute to make the program accessible to more of California’s students, regardless of income."

For Those Interested in Y&G: With potential delegates in mind, Lindsey remarks, "Your voice is powerful and Y&G is a way to start you on your journey to shape the world you would like to see". She advises that middle school or high school  students considering a Y&G program should embrace the opportunity to grow their skills and connect with peers. 

We sincerely thank Lindsey for her dedication to California YMCA Youth & Government as both a delegate and a board member. As the organization’s new Board Chair, we greatly appreciate her time and welcome her as she embraces her new role!

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