From Delegate to Actress: Amber Neukum fondly recalls her time in California YMCA Youth & Government’s Model Legislature & Court program during three years of high school. As a delegate, Amber held the titles of delegation Chaplain, Spring Conference Chaplain and a Chair on the National Issues Commission. A growing passion for public speaking led this alumna to pursue a degree in Television and Film Productions from San Diego State University. Professionally, Amber is an actress, writer and producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She credits Youth & Government for giving her a voice and confidence. Now Amber takes these skills to auditions and on set!

Finding Her Place: In high school, Amber found Youth & Government when she was looking to connect with other students and grow her skills. She recalls that the program seemed like a great opportunity to meet others on and off campus, and proved to be quite impactful in her life, socially and beyond.

Passionate Participant: Amber’s favorite parts of participating in Youth & Government were traveling for conferences, supporting her fellow delegates and making great friends. As a delegate, Amber ventured to Michigan with an exchange program and greatly enjoyed their Youth & Government program. She says of her time, “It was an amazing experience to meet new people and embrace Michigan’s Youth & Government program”. When asked about the Conference on National Affairs (CONA), Amber fondly remembers the outpouring of support her fellow delegates gave as she spoke on pressing issues.

An Award: Amber is honored to have been presented with the Michael J. White Spirit of Y&G Award and describes the experience as “sensational”, mentioning, “It meant a lot to be recognized for loving the program. I spoke in front of all 3,000 people in the program, and many of them have impacted my life very much. We have become great friends and it was a great opportunity to thank everyone”.

For Those Interested in Joining: Regarding her time as a delegate, “It was the best time in my life,” Amber states. The passionate Youth & Government alumna advises that those interested in joining the program should, “run toward it, do not walk. You will find your voice and it is impossible for the program not to change your life”. 

We sincerely thank Amber for her dedication to the Model Legislature & Court program and wish her much continued success in her acting, writing and producing endeavors.

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