From Delegate to Cities Industries Chair: In his final two years of high school, Nathan Dahl enjoyed his time as a delegate in the Model Legislature & Court (MLC) program, Berkeley Delegation. His interest in the program led to being a lobbyist during junior year and in the senate during his senior year of high school. Following high school graduation, Nathan majored in Urban Studies at Brown University. Following his time as a delegate, Nathan served as Berkeley’s lead advisor from 2004-2016. Now the busy MLC program alumnus embraces the roles of Cities Industries Chair at SEIU 1021 and Community Development Project Coordinator with the City of Berkeley. In addition to career commitments, Nathan dedicates his time to serving the community as a California YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G) Issues & Activism volunteer.

Joining Y&G: Nathan learned about Y&G as his junior year began. After attending a meeting, he recalls, “Once I joined the program, I was hooked”. At the time of Nathan’s joining, the Berkeley Delegation was much smaller; through his time as a delegate, advisor and volunteer, he’s seen the program grow exponentially.

The Purpose of Volunteering: For Nathan, volunteering with Y&G is an incredibly meaningful part of his life. He shares, “volunteering with Youth & Government allows me to empower young people by teaching them great skills and helping foster their abilities to effectuate change”. Reminiscing about his long-time commitment to Y&G’s programs, Nathan believes that the programs help youth understand the importance of a true and fair democracy, all the while teaching them valuable life-skills that will lead to positive change within their communities.

For Those Interested in Joining Y&G: For any youth who consider joining a Y&G program, Nathan’s advises, “Join. Delegates will learn more about themselves than they thought imaginable. They will also find ways to move forward when disagreeing with others” Skills built within Y&G’s delegates will prove to be useful in instances far beyond the program. For Nathan, the skills developed within Y&G have helped shape his career path and have been a platform for his commitment to civic engagement.

We whole-heartedly thank Nathan for his dedication to California YMCA Youth & Government as a delegate, advisor and volunteer.

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